What Chairman has to say:

Popatlal Misty: Since 1998, 3M interior Design has continued to grow and evolve, relying on innovation, creativity, and operational excellence. The steady desire to take increasingly challenging projects, improving services and capabilities has driven 3M to rise from its humble beginnings to a regionally and internationally recognized firm.

We are blessed by the trust of our clients. 3M has continued building upon numerous successfully executed projects home architecture interior design in Ahmedabad and delivered to a variety of different fields & pushing their boundaries at every step.

None of these Services would be possible without the drive behind 3M’s excellence. It is strong highly qualified employees throughout all levels of the organization. It is extremely important for the company to continue investing in their training and to continuously provide them with the latest machinery and technology available in order to maintain an edge in the market.

It is with confidence drawn from all of these strengths that I can firmly say, “3M Interior Converts Your Dreams into Reality” and will continue to do so in the coming years.